About Equations

Who We Are


Information Technology sphere is evolving day in and day out and there is paradigm shift in each domain be it infrastructure, application solutions or web and mobility technology spheres. The novelty of concepts, solutions and application areas are offering colossal avenues for organizations to harness the technology in order to gain much desired vitality and flexibility in the way of conducting business.

In these days of extreme internet availability and usage, it’s hard to think back of a time were in internet was nonexistent and was not part of our day to day lives - even though it’s barely been 20 years ago. Jump forward 20 years and we now use internet technologies constantly in everything we do and it has become the most vital element shaping the future of business.

With the ever-growing spread of mobile & wireless technology, mobility has empowered dispersed communities and currently there is no other technology in the world that 87% of the world’s population owns. With mobile devices’ ubiquity and connectivity, organizations are realizing what’s possible and are quickly adapting mobile & wireless technologies as an integral part of their future workplace.

Why Choose Us

We take a personal & proactive approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders. We understand that our existence and endurance is solely dependent on the forbearance of our customers and this could only be accomplished by maintaining high integrity and excellence in everything we do. Our outlook remains progressive aiming at sustainable growth and the reputation of Equations brand is a key consideration in everything we do and how we do it. Further, as a part of the community we live in, we take our responsibilities to society and environment very seriously, and we extend our support for community, social & green initiatives and activities.

To be recognized as a preferred technology partner providing ICT solutions in various disciplines to the regions SME and Enterprise sectors across all the vertical markets and regions we operates.

We strive to use technology as a catalyst to fuel our customer’s growth by designing and delivering ICT solutions which are tangible, value added and adaptable to our customer’s needs. It is our core objective to ensure that our customers are able to harness the power of IT to its fullest potential to attain progressive growth and being competitive. It is also our profound interest to see to it that our customers are totally liberated sparing any apprehension on their ICT deliverance to attain our stated motto of Simplifying IT.